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Melissa Joan Hart spends 20th anniversary doing something no one expected


Melissa Joan Hart spends 20th anniversary doing something no one expected

Melissa Joan Hart is a much loved actress who is known for various roles she has played over the years. In her personal life, she is a wife and mother to three. Recently, she celebrated 20 years of marriage.

Keep reading to learn more about what she decided to do to commemorate 20 years of marital bliss!

Melissa Joan Hart married Mark Wilkerson 20 years go and the two of them share a beautiful life together. The couple is parents to three boys; Mason, 17, Braydon, 15, and Tucker, 10.

In order to celebrate 20 years of their marriage, the couple decided to go to Zambia to do some charity work. Joan Hart said, “I think this is so important for our boys to see that there are other parts of the world that are struggling, other parts of the world that are able to be developed and enriched,” she added, “and that we can do so much good with our time, our energy, our money to be able to help out people in need.”

“It’s better to give than to receive, and I think we saw that this week,” the actress added.

This is not the first time Joan Hart and her family traveled to Zambia. In 2019, they had made their first visit and this time around they were visiting in collaboration with the nonprofit charity organization World Vision. They noticed how much things had changed for the better.

“This is our second trip to Zambia and we’ve just seen such a difference between four years ago and now,” the actress shared. “We donated a well, and now we were able to see that well in progress and now they have clean water to cook and clean and just take care of their family.”

“What’s been great about this trip is with World Vision, we’ve been able to go out and help so many. Just by sponsoring the children that we sponsor, that helps the whole village that they live in. … And just by being here and witnessing and advocating and going back home and telling our stories — I know, like, three of my friends have already sponsored children — that’s our hope, that we get more people involved with World Vision, to sponsor, to gift, and to really make a difference in these people’s lives,” she shared.

The actress said that it was coincidental the trip fell on their twentieth anniversary and even joked about forgetting the day. She said, “We just celebrated our 20th anniversary. We kind of forgot about it for a second, with everything going on.”

“I have to say that I didn’t! I reminded her,” her husband Wilkerson said with a good-natured laugh. “So if I can just get that on record.”

“I know Hollywood marriages are not supposed to last that long,” Hart said, to which Wilkerson rebuked with, “I don’t think we have a Hollywood marriage.”

As for the secret to their two decade successful union, Hart said it merely had to do with love and trust. She said, “I think it really comes from trust and love… and you know you’ve got to ride out the lows to enjoy the highs, and that’s what we do.”

It is so heartening to see this lovely couple spend time with one another and their boys, while simultaneously doing good for the rest of the world. Share this piece with your friends and family so they can know what Melissa Joan Hart is up to these days.

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