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Video Shows Britney Spears Getting Slapped While Attempting to Take a Photo With NBA First Overall Draft Pick


Video Shows Britney Spears Getting Slapped While Attempting to Take a Photo With NBA First Overall Draft Pick

On July 5, Britney Spears was reportedly slapped while outside a popular restaurant. Now a video obtained by TMZ of the slap has been made public. What do you think of the incident?

Now she is speaking out after Wembanyama claimed that Spears grabbed him from behind, something she completely denies. “I recognized an athlete in my hotel lobby as I was heading to dinner. I later went to a restaurant at a different hotel and saw him again,” she began her statement.

“I’m aware of this player’s statement where he mentions, ‘I grabbed him from behind,’ but I simply tapped him on the shoulder. I get swarmed by people all the time. In fact, I got swarmed by a group of at least 20, and my security team didn’t hit any of them.”

Spears went on to call the experience “super embarrassing,” adding that physical violence is happening too much in this world.” Earlier reports stated that the security guard apologized to Spears, but she claims she has yet to receive an apology from the security guard or Wembanyama himself.

“I also don’t appreciate nor do I think this is a laughing matter. Watching the player smile and laugh was cruel and demoralizing,” Spears added.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, according to a man who claims to have seen the incident firsthand, he told TMZ that Spears was attempting to get Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama’s attention. As the witness claims, it appeared Spears was attempting to take a photo with the first overall pick of the 2023 NBA draft.

As the witness continued, he says he saw Spears walk up to Wembanyama’s group, including his security guard, and was attempting to get Victor’s attention while speaking in a British accent. “Excuse me, sir. Excuse me, sir,” Spears reportedly said repeatedly.

It was when Spears got close enough to touch Victor that Victor’s security guard reportedly slapped Spears hard enough that Britney’s sunglasses reportedly flew off.

As Victor continued to make his way into the restaurant, Britney Spears, still speaking in a British accent, screamed, “This is f**cking America.”

TMZ reports that the Metro PD had reportedly opened an investigation into the incident, and they have already interviewed Spears. A source told TMZ that it is considered a criminal investigation and that the case will be referred to the District Attorney.

“On July 5, 2023, at approximately 11 p.m., LVMPD officers responded to a property in the 3700 block of Las Vegas Boulevard regarding a battery investigation,” the department’s Office of Public Information told Rolling Stone. “The incident has been documented on a police report, and no arrest or citations have been issued.”

Spears’s husband was also with the singer during the incident. He too released a statement:

Neither Spears nor Wembanyama has made statements regarding the incident.

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